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coaching Executives

Embark on a personalized discovery that leads you to a greater understanding of yourself and your business! Strategic coaching helps you uncover your strengths and develop a vision and plan for a future based on what you are uniquely good at.


Red Ribbon strategic coaches bring growth tools and processes that will help you clarify goals, make big decisions, and overcome challenges, both personal and professional.

how we help


Our Red Ribbon momentum coaches are both performance driven and development driven. Momentum coaching focuses on the whole individual and their personal world which has a direct impact on their professional life. It requires a personalized approach to determine the strategic purpose for coaching to drive toward desired results

We start by assessing your strengths so you can harness what you are good at and reduce the focus on your shortcomings. In a series of one-to-one meetings, in person, by phone, or virtually, our momentum coach works with you and, if desired, your team
to focus on outcomes and overcome barriers to growth and change. 

Seeking input from a momentum coach can be an essential part of growth and improvement.
Not sure if you are ready for a coach? Take our quiz to find out!

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