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Red ribbon roundtables

The expression "It's lonely at the top!" is as true today as it ever was. Leaders who advance in responsibility often find themselves walking the thin line between willingness to ask for help and apprehension about appearing weak.


Our Red Ribbon Roundtables provide a safe and confidential environment to have focused discussion on specific issues important to you and others like you.


There are two options: A 12-month experience limited to 8 participants with a monthly in-person opportunity and a 10-week virtual experience for bi-weekly momentum around goal setting and leadership. Each are moderated by a professional facilitator and experienced mentor.  

If you are ready to make powerful connections with others who will lift you up and support you on your journey, explore the descriptions below then fill out the form to let us know which of the roundtables best fits your world. We'll contact you with details, so you have everything you need to make a thoughtful decision about participation.

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ROUNDTABLE descriptions

Small Business owners

Sole proprietors or multi-owner small businesses wear many hats making it increasingly difficult to be strategic about the future.


These monthly roundtables will give you a focused opportunity to think critically about your business enhanced by the perspective from others. It'll be like having your own C-Level team with a mix of core strengths to draw on what will take your business to the next level.

nonprofit executives

Nonprofit leaders face a unique set of challenges.  Balancing programs, funding, and the expectations of several-member boards may leave you exhausted and sometimes confused on the best path forward.


This roundtable creates a safe space to hone your strengths while collaborating with others to exponentially expand your nonprofit mission​.

women in

Women in leadership roles at many organizations often find themselves looking for an objective sounding board to work through ideas or strategic thoughts.


During these monthly roundtables, you'll have a confidential panel of other women who bring thought leadership and expertise to help you work through even the toughest of situations.

red ribbon quest

Everyone has a unique set of talents and perspectives that can impact the world in meaningful ways. The challenge can be uncovering and understanding your uniqueness or simply being reminded of the miracle that you are.


Embark on the Red Ribbon Quest to uncover your strengths and develop a vision with a personalized strategic plan. Strive for your desired future driven by what you are uniquely good at!


Can't make a 12-month
commitment to a regularly scheduled meeting yet you want the roundtable experience?


This 10-week virtual option with 6 sessions chock full of encouraging accountability and celebration around a goal that is meaningful to you. With an added leadership component, your goal achievement has never been more successful!

Red Ribbon RoundtableS

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