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Strategic visioning is so much more than strategic planning, whether it is focused on an organization or an individual. In a series of thoughtful conversations, asking the right questions, a new direction emerges that brings hope.
For key stakeholders, there can be real consensus.

Preserving the best practices of traditional planning, strategic visioning adds the engagement, creativity and big-picture thinking designed to create
a powerful experience for one or for all.


Businesses create goals all the time. But are they meaningful? Do they prompt excitement? Is there real consensus that has stakeholders all headed in the same direction? Strategic visioning is strategic planning done right, keeping the plan off the shelf and driving the team with passion and purpose.

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Sometimes, it’s too much. We find ourselves overwhelmed. Stuck. Doing nothing well.

What if you had a map that helped you cut through the overwhelm of conflicting priorities that told you exactly where you should be focusing your energy to lead a more centered life? It might be time for a personal strategic plan. Businesses do it all the time, why not you?

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