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Successful organizations diligently plan for a relevant and sustainable future. 


Strategic visioning begins with identifying a desired outcome and performing an environmental scan to provide a solid foundation for setting long-term objectives. Once strategic outcomes are determined, the key short-term courageous steps are formulated to achieve the plan.


The process of exploring these conditions fosters more fruitful critical thinking and consensus about an organization’s desired future.

Strategic visioning is so much more than strategic planning.
In a series of thoughtful conversations, asking the right questions, a new direction emerges that brings hope. For key stakeholders, there can be real consensus.


For an effective strategic visioning process significant questions need to be answered. ​Some organizations have a need for greater emphasis on some questions more so than others.

Preserving the best practices of traditional planning, strategic visioning adds the engagement, creativity and big-picture thinking designed to create
a powerful experience for one or for all.


Strategic Planning

Whether one owner or several stakeholders, see the larger view more clearly and reach consensus on a clear direction. Through a series of thoughtful conversations, hindsight is combined with foresight to create insight. From there,  strategy setting is a breeze.

Your Red Ribbon strategic consultant will use proven processes to accomplish a customized agenda that brings about new direction.

Consensus Facilitation

Unanimous decisions can be difficult to achieve. Better decisions result when stakeholders engage in healthy debate that generates as much agreement as possible, setting the stage for greater cooperation in implementing the resulting decisions.

Professional facilitation by Red Ribbon strategic consultants create a safe space where even the toughest of decisions can be made.

Connecting Finance
to Strategy

Any well-intended strategic plan is only as good as the financial wherewithal to accomplish it.  If finances don't align, the business model may be at stake.

Grasping the meaning of financial data is not for everyone. Red Ribbon strategic consultants will uncover the story behind your data, ask thought provoking questions, and connect to strategy in an engaging and understandable way.


Keeping momentum is important to success and easy to lose. Research shows you're significantly more likely to achieve your goals when progress is reported to someone who cares.


With Red Ribbon, you'll get continuous and consistent encouragement and accountability while also having a sounding board to identify barriers to success.

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