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Your Champion
for Change

to think strategically about tomorrow so you can confidently prioritize today. 

Decision makers who are serious about results and the strengths needed to achieve them gain insight and momentum with Red Ribbon.


Together we envision a path for growth and create a deliberate plan to move forward.

From Strategy to Action,

Gain Momentum and Grow

At Red Ribbon, we are more than a strategic consultant or a momentum coach, we are your champion.

We bring a unique balance of championing your efforts will challenging your comfort zone
so you can achieve the tangible results you desire.

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Momentum Coaching

Are you a decision-maker who relates to feeling "lonely at the top"? Entrepreneurs and executives crave an objective sounding board to work through situational or strategic scenarios.


Whether it's dealing with difficult people, answering to a board of directors, or anything in between,
we are your champion for reaching your greatest potential so your organization can reach new heights.

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Strategic Planning 

Does your strategic plan inspire buy-in and engagement from all stakeholders? Without a plan built from an exchange of ideas that lead to real consensus, focus is scattered and that's expensive! 

Let’s get intentional. Whether it’s your team or your life, together we’ll create a deliberate plan to move forward and the momentum to implement it.

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