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red ribbon services

At Red Ribbon Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our approach, Strategic Momentum, is the ultimate combination of services designed to drive your organization towards its goals with clarity and confidence.


Whether you require strategic planning, momentum coaching, or specialized facilitation, we are here to help you achieve remarkable success.

strategic momentum

Strategic Momentum is the unique approach developed by Red Ribbon Consulting to empower decision-makers to swiftly translate strategy into action. It combines strategic planning, financial insight, and executive coaching to create a dynamic, forward-moving process that drives organizations toward their goals with clarity and confidence.

At Red Ribbon Consulting, Strategic Momentum is not just a methodology; it’s a commitment to ensuring that your organization’s plans are not only visionary but also actionable and results-driven. Let us partner with you to harness your strengths, align your strategy, and achieve remarkable success.

Key Elements:

  • Uncovering Unique Strengths: Identifying and leveraging the individual and collective strengths within your organization to ensure that every action is grounded in what you do best.

  • Crafting Clear Strategies: Developing actionable, realistic strategies that align with your vision and goals, ensuring that every step taken is purposeful and impactful.

  • Facilitating Effective Decisions: Guiding leadership teams through thoughtful discussions and consensus-building to make informed, confident decisions.

  • Maintaining Forward Movement: Providing continuous support and accountability to keep the momentum going, ensuring that strategic plans translate into tangible results.

  • Integrating Financial Insights: Linking financial sustainability to strategic direction, making sure that your goals are supported by solid financial planning and insight.



  • Swift Implementation: Move from planning to action quickly, without losing the essence of your strategic goals.

  • Increased Engagement: Foster a high-performing, cohesive team focused on common objectives.

  • Sustainable Growth: Align strategic initiatives with financial viability to ensure long-term success.

  • Empowered Leadership: Equip leaders with the tools and confidence to drive impactful change.

ready to gain strategic momentum?

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