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is strategic momentum
right for you?

answer the questions below to find out.

At Red Ribbon Consulting, we empower decision makers to elevate their strengths, transform their decisions and achieve impactful results.


Our Strategic Momentum approach integrates consulting, coaching, and facilitation to drive impactful results.


Strategic Momentum is vital for growth and success, helping you reach your goals faster. Our experts combine performance-driven coaching with strategic consulting and effective facilitation. With extensive experience in business and leadership, we guide those serious about growth through increased self-awareness, strategic insights, and lasting mindset, expertise, and behavior shifts.


Strategic Momentum is a transformative experience that addresses the whole organization and individual, considering both personal and professional aspects to inspire meaningful change.


Discover if you need consulting, coaching, facilitation, or the full Strategic Momentum experience by answering the questions below.

Are you ready for

Are you experiencing difficulties in making critical decisions that impact your organization’s future?
Is your organization operating with an outdated strategic plan and/or in need of a fresh, actionable strategy?
Do you have a large group of stakeholders who need to achieve real consensus on strategic direction?
Have you linked your financial performance and expectations with your strategic direction?
Are you struggling to align your team’s efforts with your strategic vision?
Is your organization struggling to achieve measurable progress towards its strategic goals?
Do you find it challenging to maintain focus and momentum in your strategic initiatives?
Do you have a big, bold initiative but have no idea how — or IF — you’ll achieve it?
Do you face challenges where unbiased, external advice could lead to better decision-making?

Thanks for submitting!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it's time to consider partnering with us to guide, motivate, coach, and facilitate your journey toward achieving big, bold goals. Whether you need targeted support or the full Strategic Momentum experience, let's schedule a free, 30-minute introductory consultation to explore how our services can support you on your path to success.

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