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Why Red Ribbon Consulting?

Red Ribbon Consulting was founded on the belief that every organization and individual has a unique set of talents and perspectives that impacts the world in meaningful ways. The challenge is uncovering and understanding that uniqueness, defining value, and calibrating to the needs of a market or community.

Many organizations and individuals don’t fully understand their uniqueness – their natural best – and struggle with the discipline and process of uncovering it. Red Ribbon Consulting thrives in that space of uncertainty. The symbol of the red ribbon is to remind you of something...that something special is your unique set of strengths! 


Whether you are an organization that needs to set a long-term strategic course  and implement short-term goals or an individual struggling with that next big step in life or simply living your daily best, we'll remind you of your unique gifts and help clarify your journey with deep thinking and sensitivity.


We bring a unique balance of championing your efforts while challenging your comfort zone. 

Red Ribbon Reminder...You matter! (3).pn

Pam Finch, CPA

A personal wakeup call urged Pam Finch, our founder and CEO, to leave the stability of her full-time job to serve a higher purpose. Today, she is dedicated to a calling that fits her strengths and passion; where she draws on 30+ years of  strategic and financial leadership experience as a CPA, CFO, and consultant to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Through her work with executive boards, senior management teams, and high performing individuals, Pam has helped hundreds of organizations by facilitating thoughtful conversations among stakeholders to reach consensus about critical decisions. Pam uses proven processes to help clients envision a path for growth and create a deliberate plan to move forward. 

She brings a bright-eyed enthusiasm
coupled with a clear-eyed realism that helps clients set big, realistic goals to which they are held accountable.

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Throughout your time with
Red Ribbon Consulting,

CAN you expect?

Clients say they appreciate Pam’s unique ability to listen with understanding and foster effective collaboration even in tough environments. She creates a safe space where hard decisions can be made, and new possibilities can exist with clarity about next steps. They value her deep understanding of business and finance and praise her emotional and social intelligence.
With Pam you can expect:

  • A relatable mentor who champions your efforts, while challenging your comfort zone.

  • An empathetic coach who is trustworthy, empowering, compassionate and quickly gets familiar with you and your organization.

  • A strategic consultant who brings wisdom of business acumen and organizational savvy from years of diverse experiences to help guide the journey.

  • A visual and experiential approach that engages strengths and personal learning style.

  • A safe environment where relationship is the foundation that brings comfort to share whatever impacts success. 

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