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red ribbon

At Red Ribbon Consulting, we are dedicated to uncovering and leveraging the unique gifts of organizations and individuals to make a meaningful impact.

red ribbon

elevate strengths
transform decisions
achieve impact

Inspired by the tradition of tying a red string around a finger as a reminder of something important, Red Ribbon symbolizes the mission: to inspire decision-makers to harness their natural talents and swiftly translate purpose into action.

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Pam Finch

Pam Finch, CEO and founder of Red Ribbon Consulting, brings more than three decades of people-centric, strategic, and financial leadership experience to the table.


Pam coaches and consults with entrepreneurs, executives, and boards across both for-profit and nonprofit sectors, facilitating hundreds of decision sessions with CEOs and teams nationwide. 


With a background as a CPA and former credit union CFO, Pam defies the stereotype with her infectious enthusiasm and genuine connection-building demeanor. Pam empowers individuals and organizations to swiftly translate purpose into action.


Known for her bright-eyed perspective, keen financial sensibility, and knack for nurturing high-performing teams, Pam brings the strategic momentum that helps plans become vibrant realities.

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