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is a COACH
right for you?

take this quiz to find out.

At Red Ribbon, we are champions for leaders to achieve their greatest potential so their organizations can reach new heights.


Coaching can be an essential part of growth and success in reaching your goals faster. Our momentum coaches are both performance and development driven. We offer wisdom from experience in business and leadership to guide those who are serious about growth through increased self-awareness and insights that drive lasting mindset, expertise, and behavior shifts.


Momentum coaching is a game changer. It focuses on the whole individual and their personal world which has a direct impact on their professional life. Discover if a momentum coach can help inspire change to bring your dreams into reality. Answer the questions below to explore if now is the time to work with a momentum coach, your champion for change.

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Are you ready for a champion?

Are you dealing with the same struggles as last year for yourself or your career/business? Two years ago? Five years ago?
Do you face situations or challenges where the opportunity to bounce ideas off of someone who is not influenced by internal affairs or politics would allow for better decision-making?
Are you in a transition with your career, finances, relationships, or health and concerned about how to navigate the shift successfully?
Do you have a big, scary goal but have no idea how — or IF — you’ll achieve it?
Do you need to quiet the voices of self-doubt that undermine your self-confidence and hold you back from reaching your full potential?
Are you hungry for meaning in your life yet unsure how to uncover it?

Thanks for submitting!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it's time to consider partnering with a momentum coach to guide you, motivate you, coach you and hold you accountable to attain those big, bold, courageous dreams. Let's schedule a free, 30-minute introductory consultation to learn how a momentum coach can support you in your journey.

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