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Many organizations fall into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone, and don’t spend enough time clarifying a strategy that fits where they naturally excel. Other organizations are distracted by the whirlwind of day-to-day operations or in the start-up phase feeling overwhelmed by the deep and critical thinking required to establish an effective business model.


In any case, leaders tend to feel like they don’t have a safe sounding board to work through ideas or stumbling blocks, or to work through situational or strategic scenarios… they long for an outside view to help them take their business to the next level.

Through one-on-one consultations or guiding your team, Red Ribbon Consulting helps you evaluate your business model, uncover the core strengths needed to flourish, and establish next steps to achieve your desired futured


With a deliberate plan to move forward – our strategic consultants and mentors help you keep the momentum toward your anticipated results.

how we help

business and nonprofit leaders

Strategic Planning

Every successful organization diligently and strategically plans for a relevant and sustainable future. Your organization may benefit from formal strategic planning where a team is actively engaged in an exchange of ideas that leads to real consensus or informal strategic planning accomplished through a series of thoughtful conversations.

business model evaluation

Some organizations clearly understand their business model and others do not. Whether for-profit or nonprofit, having business model clarity of purpose and promises drives great decisions and makes strategy-setting a breeze.

Team & Leadership Development

Sometimes the biggest roadblock to achieving a long-term strategy is the effectiveness of the team in charge of it. Attaining desired results starts at the top and building a high-performing team starts with a foundation of trust among those on it.

Financial Storytelling

Grasping the meaning of financial data is not for everyone.  Together we will uncover the story behind your data, consider thought provoking questions, and identify barriers to success in an engaging and understandable way.

Implementation Planning

Organizations often skip this step or brush over it yet effective planning is required if you want great project execution.  Setting a clear game plan with detailed steps can be the difference between moving efficiently and effectively in your strategic direction or getting bogged in confusion and murky expectations.

Measuring Success

What gets measured gets attention! Connecting strategy to meaningful measures of success ensures you are completing the right strategic steps to achieve results.

Meeting Facilitation

Whether driving toward a decision now or brainstorming discussion for better decisions later, having an objective facilitator allows for all stakeholders to freely participate and leads to deeper critical thinking and better decision making.

Scenario Simulation

Simulating a decision – before a choice is actually made – is a sure way of being better prepared when decision time comes. A scenario simulation is designed to ignite creative thinking through thought-provoking questions to help decision makers become better prepared for when the future actually arrives.

Board Governance & Development

Creating and maintaining a high-performing board (including an effective relationship with management) is a clear differentiator and the key to long-term organizational success.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

Poor processes weaken good people’s efforts. With our IMPROVE methodology, enhanced processes enable key players to consistently deliver superior results. Developing a culture where people, projects and processes are continuously assessed and adjusted to attract and serve the desired target audiences is key to maintaining relevancy.

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